100% Commission

How Much Money Did You Give To Your Broker?

We’ll show you how much more you could’ve made with HomeSmart.

When you keep 100% of your commission, you don’t have to wait to receive dividends from your hard work.

Invest in your business by getting all of your real estate revenue working for you now.

Not only will you only pay a flat fee but our brokerage has a cap of only $8500! Not only do single agents take advantage of this, teams and Husband and Wife teams share 1 cap!

Commission Splits Don't Make Sense

If your current broker is taking a large split of your commission, you have to question why.

If you're on a 75/25 split, is the broker doing 25% of your work? Probably not. So, why should the broker receive 25%?

HomeSmart deducts a very modest transaction fee per sale based on what we've calculated to provide support, E&O and all the great tools we offer, on a per transaction basis. We've yet to find another broker that allows REALTORS® to keep more of their hard earned commissions.

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